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Bianca Kristie Gonzales

Born to Cyril & Monica Gonzales on April 20th, 1983 in the beautiful twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, my name is Bianca Kristie Gonzales. A creative millennial who sees the world in a different light and tends to do things a little differently from typical society. Open to anything the universe offers with good vibration and an extremely hard worker for what I want out of life. Architectural Technician, Videographer, Cinematographer, Adrenaline Seeker, Wanderluster, Photographic Hobbyist, Tech Enthusiast, Lover of Life, and all about P.L.U.R

(Peace, Love, Unity & Respect).

Who or what Inspires you the most?

My Mother's creativity and my Father's emotional strength, people who are driven, not to forget my amazingly talented friends and those who have always seen the potential I possess and pushed me to be better at my craft.

What other activities are you involved in?

Dabbled in Track & Field, Basketball, Karate, Swimming, Tennis, Skating & Surfing through my High School Years. Then got involved with some friends as a tracuese which means a practitioner of parkour / free running, but anything with sports or extreme activities and I'm IN! (besides cricket & netball). I'm not the active person I once was but I still would take part in things here and there, along with keeping fit at home when I can.

When were you first Introduced to Videography, Photography & Architecture?

I was first introduced to Photography back in the early-mid '90s. My mother used to work at a family friend's photo studio and every day after school I would be there soaking it all in. In 2008 I then took steps into purchasing my own DSLR camera and while it began as a hobby, opportunities came nonstop. 
I was first introduced to Architecture in the late '80s as a child by Steven Mendes. A family friend, who was the Head Architect at Design Collaborative, where my parents would visit from time to time. I instantly gained a passion for designing after I visited there. I would always be constructing something out of whatever I found after that day or asking questions about it. I guess that fascination stuck with me over the years.
As for Video, I have been doing freelance Videography & Editing since 2011 now, it began as something experimental about 2-3 years before that, and I fell in love with it so much that I started creating my own short little videos and people took notice. I must say I see myself progressing each year, learning new tricks, and always finding more creative ways of showcasing my work. Have a look at my Vimeo & Youtube Channels and see for yourself.

What was your first Photography job?

When I started doing event photography for Liz Bliz Entertainment back in 2009 and it's also where most of my work is published to this day. I have since moved on from Professional Photography, I kept it as one of my favourite hobbies.

How long have you been in the Architectural field?

I have been a Professional Architectural Technician/Technologist since 2001 and still love doing it. It is currently my main job and I have over 15+ Years of Professional Experience in the Field.

What is it about Photography / Videography & Architecture you love the most?

For Photo & Video, it's the ability to see the world in a whole new light, capturing a special moment that you can physically replay and telling a story without having to say any words.

For Architecture, I have a geometric vision in my head 24/7 and will get lost in creation or design to the point where time becomes irrelevant. It's a true passion of mine.

What is your Favourite type of Photography?

Outdoor / Nature, Black & White Photography & also capturing people in their element, that is where my passion lies.

Where did you learn Photography / Videography & Architecture?

Right out of Highschool (2000), where I was proficient in Technical Drawing, I got my Associate Degree and while in that process, was lucky to be offered a Training position as an Architectural Technician in a small Architectural Firm. As a trainee, I was sort of thrown into the deep in understanding the procedures of every element of Architectural, Mechanical, Engineering & Plumbing Drawings. In 2005 I soon started at another Architectural firm where I knew which area of Architecture I wanted to focus on, continued training myself in various CAD programs to keep up with the everchanging technology, and was promoted to where I am at today.
(Head of the Drawing Department)

For Video & Photo, I am all self-taught  The result of my work is based on trial and error and also some guidance and tips from professionals and friends. With the technology in the world today it is easy to access answers to anything you wish to learn if you really want to, through sites like Google and Youtube nowadays. Learning something new every day in each field is something I must do!

What is your Ultimate Goal?

See every corner of the world, document it through photo and video, and have as much fun, laughter & enjoyment as I can, just continuing to be truly Happy in this thing called LIFE. #TrulyLive

Preferred Camera of choice?

It's tough to choose but I will say it all depends on your purpose. I started off with Nikon because it was the only brand I knew at the time as a noobie, I then switched to Canon because it gave me that video feature but still kept the quality of the photo side as well and worked as a great multipurpose camera. However, the game is always being changed as each year goes by, as of right now I use the Sony  Mirrorless brands because they have brought out some pretty awesome devices, so whichever camera works best for me I will go with.

Describe yourself with only 5 words :
Adventurous, Humble, Cool, Sporty, Beautiful

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